Goats@Grace Hill HS Foxglove
(aka Foxy)

Nigerian Dwarf Doe
DOB: 05/01/21
ADGA#: D2171096
ADGA Pedigree

  • 2023: Kidded 03/19/23: 1 buckling, 1 doeling
    • Retained: Bo-Katan
  • 2022: Kidded 05/10/22: 2 doelings
  • 2023 (2F): Not on test in 2023
  • 2022 (FF): DIM 147 | 280 # | 15 Fat | 11 Protein
    • 01-04 +V+V 86 – Excellent in Back & Rear Legs. Very Good in Dairy Strength, Mammary. + in General Appearance, Body, Front Legs, Feet, Rump. G in Head & Shoulders.
Show History
  • 2023: Spring Doe Show, Elkton, MD
    • Ring 1: 10th Place – Age Class (ADGA)
    • Ring 2: 16th Place – Age Class (ADGA)
  • 2022: Northumberland County Fair, Sunbury, PA
    • 2nd Place – Age Class (ADGA)
  • 2022: Schuylkill County Fair, Auburn, PA
    • Best in Show
    • Grand Champion
    • Senior Champion
    • 1st Place – Best Udder
    • 1st Place – Age Class
  • 2022: ADGA National Show, Harrisburg, PA
    • 20+ –  Age Class (ADGA)
  • 2021: NJ Summer Sizzler Show, Frenchtown, NJ
    • Ring 1: 2nd place – Age Class (ADGA)
    • Ring 2: 2nd place – Age Class (ADGA)
Goats@Grace Hill HS Foxglove 2Y 2F

Photo Credit: Justin Messick

Pedigree information listed for reference only. The following are not all owned by Grace Hill Farm and all show & picture credit is listed accordingly.


Better Wayz Hammer In the Sky *B

Nigerian Dwarf Buck
DOB: 02/27/2016
ADGA#: D1885168
ADGA Pedigree

Better Wayz Hammer In the Sky *B (aka Thor), is the son to the littermate sister of the highest appraised Nigerian – SGCH Old Mountain Farm Swift-Leigh EEE93 and his sire’s dam is SG NC Promised Land MG Diva VEEE91 who has the highest PTI to date – PTI21: 575 & PTI12: 354. This gorgeous guy throws consistent correct structure and great milking ability which are being proved in his daughters – Check out A Little Funny Farm HS Syrah 6*M VVVV88 and A Little Funny Farm HS Mai Tai 6*M VVEE90.

Better Wayz Hammer In the Sky +*B VVE 88

Photo Credit: Grace Hill Farm & A Little Funny Farm


SG India Blue EOF Jinsing 5*M – Superior Genetics!

Breed: Nigerian Dwarf Doe
DOB: 3/8/2017
ADGA#: D1878213
ADGA Pedigree

Jinsing has the length of bone and each time judges see her in the show ring, they comment how elegant she is! She has earned Superior Genetics and her milk star in Lbs, Fat, and Protein! She milked 5 lbs of milk as a 2F at 19 DIM! In addition, Jinsing has her Restricted Leg toward her championship. As she matures, she’s looking more amazing!


SG India Blue EOF Jinsing 5*M
Sires’s Sire

SG Old Mountain Farm Elton Jay ++*B
Elite 85 VEE

ADGA#: D1670916

Sire’s Dam

SG Old Mountain Farm Oliv a Suddn 3*M 89 EEVV

ADGA#: D1508468

Dam’s Sire

SG Alitta TS Eye of Freedom AV+ 81
ADGA#: D1730567

Dam’s Dam

SG Sweet Garden FC English Ivy 4*M
ADGA#: D1678902

SG Old Mountain Farm Elton Jay ++*B ELITE PC: Better Wayz

Photo Credit: A Better Way Farm

Photo Credit: India Blue Farm

Photo Credit: India Blue Farm

Sweet Garden FC English Ivy (pc: India Blue )
Sweet Garden FC English Ivy (pc: India Blue)

Photo Credit: India Blue Farm

Extended Pedigree

Sire: Algedi Farm H Thunderstruck ++*B VEE 89
ADGA#: D1403646

  • Sire: Rosasharn’s UMT Hamachi ++*B 85 VVV
  • Dam: SGCH Rosasharn’s TL Zenith 3*M SGCH 90 EEVE

Dam: GCH Alethia CTO Eye of the Sky +V+V 85
ADGA#: D1547939

  • Dam’s Sire: SG Rosasharn BB Cento ++*B, LA 83 +++
  • Dam’s Dam: GCH Algedi Farm RK Stella Luna 4*M 90 VEVE
Extended Pedigree

Sire: Fairlea Frederic Chopin +*B +++ 82
ADGA#: D1596657P

  • Sire’s Sire: AGS Flat Rocks Night Raven +B
  • Sire’s Dam: GCH Fairlea Marguerite 4*M GCH, LA 91 EEEE

Dam: GCH Tiny Town Treble 3*M VEEE 90
ADGA#: D1420250

  • Dam’s Sire: AGS BRB Tiny Town FU Manchu, LA 87 V+E
  • Dam’s Dam: SG Tiny Town Blue Suede Shoes 2*M, LA 86 V+E+