Goats@Grace Hill KB Jasmine

Nigerian Dwarf Doe
DOB: 05/01/19
ADGA#: D2026259
ADGA Pedigree

  • 2022: Kidded 04/22/22: 2 Doelings
  • 2021: Kidded 05/20/21: 2 Doelings, 1 Buckling
  • 2022 (2F): In progress – should meet Butterfat goal
  • 2021 (FF): DIM 93 | 350 # | 14 Fat | 14 Protein
Show History
  • 2022: Northumberland County Fair, Sunbury, PA
    • Reserve Grand Champion
    • 1st Place – Age Class
  • 2021: Schuylkill County Fair, Auburn, PA
    • 1st Place – Milking Herd
    • 1st Place – Produce of Dam
    • 2nd Place – Age Class
  • 2021: NJ Summer Sizzler Show, Frenchtown, NJ
    • Ring 1: 4th place – Age Class (Open Show)
    • Ring 2: 5th place – Age Class (Open Show)
  • 2021: MDGA Summer Doe Show, West Friendship, MD
    • Ring 1: 5th place – Age Class (Open Show)
    • Ring 2: 5th place – Age Class (Open Show)
  • 2020: Autumn Splendor Goat Show, Telford, PA
    • Ring 1: 12th Place – Age Class (Open Show)
    • Ring 2: 8th Place – Age Class (Open Show)
  • 2019: Schuylkill County Fair, Auburn, PA
    • 1st Place – Dam & Daughter
    • 2nd Place – Junior Doe Age Class
  • 2022: Kidded 4/22/21: 2 doelings
    Sire: Aries Class of His Own

Pedigree information listed for reference only. The following are not all owned by Grace Hill Farm and all show & picture credit is listed accordingly.


India Blue J Kentucky Bourbon

Nigerian Dwarf Buck
DOB: 03/22/18
ADGA#: D1954510
Disbudded – Moonspots
ADGA Pedigree


Bourbon 09-21

SG India Blue EOF Jinsing 5*M

Superior Genetics!

Breed: Nigerian Dwarf Doe
DOB: 3/8/2017
ADGA#: D1878213
ADGA Pedigree

SG India Blue EOF Jinsing 5*M
Sire’s Sire

Bright Farms V Jedi Edition *B
ADGA#: D1898634
LA 01-02 89 EVV

Jedi 2021 1 pc Alpine Acre

Photo Credit: Alpine Acre

Sire’s Dam

Hi-Lo Farm Mokie 1*M
ADGA#: D1618619
LA 06-11 90 VEEE


Photo Credit: India Blue Farm

Dam’s Sire

Alitta TS Eye of Freedom
ADGA#: D1730567
LA 81 AV+

Photo Credit: India Blue Farm

Photo Credit: India Blue Farm

Dam’s Dam

SG Sweet Garden FC English Ivy 4*M
ADGA#: D1678902
LA: 90 VEEE, E in Rump

Sweet Garden FC English Ivy (pc: India Blue )

Photo Credit: India Blue Farm

Extended Pedigree

Sire: GCH Buffalo Clover Valentino ++B +S
DOB: 3/12/06 – 12/13/17
ADGA#: D1470378P
2012 LA- E E E 91

Extended Pedigree:
Sire’s Sire: AGS Buffalo Clover Sugar Daddy

(MCH Woodhaven Farms Krugerrand x PGCH Woodhaven Farms Cookies N Cream)

Sire’s Dam: SG AGS Five Alarm Sophia Loren *D

(Flat Rocks Cassanova x Branch’s Rikki Tikki)

Notable Daughters:

  • GCH Buffalo Clover Yesyes- EEEV 90
  • GCH Buffalo Clover Vieux Carve-  VEEE90
  • GCH Buffalo Clover Patches- EEEE 91
  • ​CH Buffalo Clover Mardi Gras- VEEE 90
  • CH Little Tots Estate Mandy

Notable Sons:

  • CH Little Tots Estate Leonidas – VEE 88
  • CH Buffalo Clover Huey Long- VVV 88
  • Emerald C Ranch Ir Hematite- EEV 90



SGCH J-Nels ER Dumplin 2*M
DOB: 11/4/2005
FS90 (VEEE) @ 05-07

2011 ADGA National Reserve Grand Champion
Four Times Best in Show
DNA Link

Extended Pedigree:
Dam’s Sire: Caesar’s Villa LV Eric

Dam’s Dam: J-Nels BB Dimples

Notable Daughters:

  • GCH J-Nels DH Li’l Red 2*M-  2012 ADGA National Reserve Jr.GCH
  • SGCH J-Nels HM Kookie Doe 3*M- LA 2013 – EEEE 91
  • SGCH J-Nels LY Spatzle 3*M- 2015 ADGA National Reserve Grand Champion And Reserve Best Udder
  • ​SGCH J-Nels O Buttercup 2*M- 2015 EEEE 92
  • CH J-Nels LY Momo
  • J-NELS LY GNOCCHI – Not Pictured – 2015 EEEV 90

Notable Sons: 

  • CH J-Nels Hm He’s A Chipper Boy – Eve 90
  • CH J-Nels Dh Be Bop – Vvv 88
  • ​CH J-Nels Ly Siu Mai
Extended Pedigree

Sire: Wooly Dog Down Amaretto Freeze

Dam: Hi-Lo Farm Amber Rose

Extended Pedigree:

Sire’s Sire: Doubletree Zaint Thomas

SSS: Doubletree Trojan
SSD: Doubletree TLC

Sire’s Dam: Wooly Dog Down Y Yew Blue

SDS: Twindcreeks WDF Texas 2 Step
SDD: Wooly Dog Down Nicole

Dam’s Sire: Happy Goat Lucky’s Mr V

Dam’s Dam: Redbrook’s Milk-N-Hunny

DDS: Woodhaven Farms Zu Zu Zeus
DDD: Redbrook’s Cocoa Puff

Extended Pedigree

Sire: Algedi Farm H Thunderstruck ++*B
ADGA#: D1403646

Sire’s Sire: AGS Rosasharn’s UMT Hamachi ++*B 85 VVV
Sire’s Dam:  AGS Rosasharn’s TL Zenith 3*M SGCH 90 EEVE

Dam: CH Alethia CTO Eye of the Sky
ADGA#: D1547939
LA 85 +V+V

Dam’s Sire: Rosasharn BB Cento ++*B, LA 83 +++
Dam’s Dam: Algedi Farm RK Stella Luna 4*M 90 VEVE

Extended Pedigree

Sire: Fairlea Frederic Chopin +*B
ADGA#: D1596657P
LA 82 +++

Sire’s Sire: AGS Flat Rocks Night Raven +B
Sire’s Dam:  Fairlea Marguerite 4*M GCH, LA 91 EEEE

Dam: Tiny Town Treble 3*M
ADGA#: D1420250

Dam’s Sire: AGS BRB Tiny Town FU Manchu, LA 87 V+E
Dam’s Dam: Tiny Town Blue Suede Shoes 2*M, LA 86 V+E+

Last updated: 9/21/22