Old Mountain Farm Fat Chance *B

Nigerian Dwarf Buck
DOB: 04/26/20
ADGA#: D2092317
ADGA Pedigree

Old Mountain Farm Fat Chance

Photo Credit: JW-TL Farms

Pedigree information listed for reference only. The following are not all owned by Grace Hill Farm and all show & picture credit is listed accordingly.


Old Mountain Farm JohnQ Public VEE 90

Nigerian Dwarf Buck
DOB: 04/16/17
ADGA#: D1854353
ADGA Pedigree

JohnQ 1 pc OMF

Photo Credit: Old Mountain Farm


Old Mountain Farm Fat Tuesday 3*M EEEE 91

Nigerian Dwarf Doe
DOB: 02/17/15
ADGA#: D1714771
ADGA Pedigree

Photo Credit: Old Mountain Farm

Old Mountain Farm Fat Tuesday 3*M is the littermate sister to CH Old Mountain Farm Merriment 3*M. Merriment is the 2017 ADGA National Champion, Best Udder, and part of the Best Dairy Herd. Merriment’s daughter, CH Agape’s Prize French Quarter 4*M is the 2022 ADGA National Champion.

Sires’s Sire

Old Mountain Farm Allegiance VEE 87

ADGA#: D1584575

Sire’s Dam

GCH Old Mountain Farm Ciervo 3*M

ADGA#: D1727344

Dam’s Sire

SG Old Mountain Farm Bold Elk +*B

ADGA#: D1584569

Dam’s Dam

Old Mountain Farm Anahita 2*M VEEE 91

ADGA#: D1478572

Old Mountain Farm Allegiance

Photo Credit: Old Mountain Farm

Ciervo pc Silver Maple
Ciervo 2F pc Agapes Prize

Photo Credit: Old Mountain Farm

Bold Elk 1 pc OMF
Bold Elk 2 pc OMF

Photo Credit: Old Mountain Farm

Anahita 1 pc OMF
Anahita 4 pc OMF

Photo Credit: Old Mountain Farm

Extended Pedigree

SSS: SG Old Mountain Farm Cernunnos ++*B VEV 89

  • SSSS: NC PromisedLand Turb-Beau +*B
    SSSD: Old Mountain Farm Tianna Quinn 4*M

SSD: Old Mountain Farm Wirosa

  • SSDS: Dawnland Tabby’s Maritimer ‘E’ ++B
    SSDD: Old Mountain Farm Tulip *D *M VEEE90


Extended Pedigree

SSS: Old Mountain Farm Bravado

  • SSSS: Old Mountain Farm Oliver Again
    SSSD: SG Old Mountain Farm Ta-Dah! 2*M VEVE 90

SSD: Deldale Fawn*D 2*M ‘E’

  • SSDS: MCH Denning Hill Michi Kasu 1*M ‘E’
    SSDD: Honeysuckle Ridge Dakota


Extended Pedigree

SSS: SG Old Mountain Farm Stag ++*B

  • SSSS: DawnLand Tabby’s Maritimer ++B E
  • SSSD: Deldale Fawn *D E  2*M EEEV91

SSD: SG NC PromisedLand Nemesis 3*D 3*M VEEE 90

  • SSDS: Rosasharn SS Legolas*S
  • SSDD: SG NC PromisedLand BW Echo2 *D 1*M VEEE 90


Extended Pedigree

SSS: AGS Old Mountain Farm Just Zip It

  • SSSS:
  • SSSD: WIN Creeks AH Finale’s Zip

SSD: AGS Roundabout Persian Princess 1*M

  • SSDS: Roundabout Maharajah
  • SSDD: Roundabout Triquad